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Pakistan's First PVC Coating Plant, Now in production. Contact for Single Side & Double Side Coated fabric,  PVC Sheets, PVC tents and Trapaulins.

All Weather Tent (IRCR / IFRC style), Emergency Relief Tent (Ridge Type) and other Relief / Hospital Tents are in Production and available for immediate delivery for Flood victims in Pakistan.
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    30 KM, Ferozpur Road, Lahore-

    Ph: +92-42-3527-4135 (3 lines)
          +92-42-3527-5535 (3 lines)

    Fax: +92-42-3527-3727

    Email: info@citytextile.com
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City Textiles

City Textiles (Pvt) Limited is an ISO Certified export oriented company engaged in export of Tents, Tarpaulin, Yarn and Allied Products. Our major area of export is Disaster Areas, Middle East and West Africa.


The major exports are Emergency Relief Tents, which are widely demanded all over the world due to refugee and relief factor. Beside Tents we are also exporting Canvas Cloth in bulk quantities, Canvas Tarpaulins and other Allied items of Canvas.


We have a well-trained, specialized and motivated team in achieving Urgent Relief Demands. We are working with our aim FAST DELIVERIES - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD which is the key factor in bulk supplies for Refugees any where in the world.


The success behind quick production and Fast delivers is our Composite unit.
City Textiles, having production units of Spinning (Yarn), Weaving (Basic fabric), Dyeing (waterproofing), Coating (PVC Coating), Metal Fabrication (Steel structure and accessories), Paints (regular Paint & Powder coating) Tents Units (multi tents stitching units) is capable of producing multi orders, fast and good quality tents according to requirement.


We are dedicated to provide IMMEDIATE SHELTER to displaced people effected by natural calamity and war. We have completed huge emergency relief supplies of tents for Gulf War in 1990, Kosovo Crises in 1999, Turkish Earthquake 1999, Afghanistan Crises in 2002 and Iraq Crises in 2003. City Textiles (Pvt) Limited has been awarded third position in top five exporters in 1999 under Canvas & Tents Category due to remarkable export performance.


City Textiles can produce other type of the tent. Tents from Small Size for 1 person to Tents for Big Gathering, It is available here under one roof. It includes Hospital tents, Clinic tents School tents, Officers tents, Guards tents, Military troops tent, Army tents, Camping tents, Sahara tents, Bell tents, Dome tent, Deluxe Pole Tents, Party tents, relocateable warehouse, marquees, Safari tents, Maharaja Tent, Mughal tents, Majlis tent, recreational tents, pagoda, gazebo, medival tents, Frame tents, canopies, Parking Sheds Tunnel Tents & Custom tents according to customers need. Other textile products includes waterproof Canvas, PVC coated fabric / Vinyl in double side and single side, Tarps / Tarpaulins, Yarn and industrial madeups.



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School Tent Double Fly - Ridge Pole Style

8 Pagoda Style Parking

Double Roof Canopy



Security Guard Frame Tent

School Tent - IFIRC Type 27.5 sqm

School Tent - Winterized 3 layers UNICEF version

Military Frame Tent A Shape - Double Layer

RDS - A Frame Tent with Vestibule

Margalla Tent - Camouflage

Military Base Tent - Ridge Pole Type

Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS)

Central Pole Tent - Camouflage

Half Shelter / One Man

Pagoda with walls

Military Frame Tent A Shape - Single Layer

RDS - Tunnel Frame Tent

Miltary Troops Tent - Standing Pole Type

Clinic Tent - Central Pole

Military Single Pole Square Tent

Marquee Frame Tent

Single Pole Square Tent - Double Fold


Relief Tent - Single Fly Single Fold Ridge Type

Storage Tent - 5 Meter Wide

Multipurpose Frame Tent

Lighweight Camping Tent

Storage Tent - 6 Meter Wide

Military Single Pole Square Tent - Double Fly

Permanent Structure PVC Tent

PVC Deluxe Tent - Fully Welded

Gemsbok - Bow - Dome Tent

Clinic Tent - Ridge Poles

Relief Tent - Double Fly Single Fold Ridge Type

Medium Marquee / Party Tent

Single Pole Tent - Double Fly

Frame Tent with Delux Door

Relief Tent - Single Fly Double Fold Ridge Type

Safari Tent - PVC Roof

Party Frame Canopy

Hospital Tent - Olive Green

Storage Tent - 10 Meter Wide

Party Tent Single Pole - Dera

Hospital Camp - Aluminum Frame

Relief Tent - Double Fly Double Fold Ridge Type

Storage Tent - 20 Meter Wide

Safari Tent - Medium

Relief Tent - 3 Fold Winterized Tent

Military Hospital Tent

Beach Lodge

Maharaja / Mughal Tent

Hospital Large Frame Camp

Relief Tent - Ridge Type with High Wall poles

Hospital Frame Tent

Sahara Tent

Relief Tent - Single Layer Frame Tent

Cantilever Car Parking

Relief Tent - 3 Fold Winterized Frame Tent

Recreational Tent

Hospital Frame Tent - Medium

Blue Tent

Green Tent

Yellow Tent

Tan Tent

Red Tent

All Weather Tent - with 1 Vestibule Low Wall

All Weather Tent - Single Vestibule

All Weather Tent - with Dual (2) Vestibules

UNICEF Multipurpose Frame Tent

Multi-purpose tent - 82 sqm

Dispensary tent 27.5 sqm

Family Tent 16 sqm, Double Fly with Groundsheet

DFID - Winterised Humanitarian Relief Tent

UNHCR LWET Emergency Tunnel Tent

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