Digital Reactive Printing

We take pride in offering you the latest in textile innovation. Our digital reactive printing service brings intricate designs to life on ladies’ lawn suits, creating unique and personalized ensembles. Let’s delve into the process and discover how this technology enhances your business & brand.

The suitable materials for reavtive digital printing are

  • Lawn
  • Cotton
  • polycotton
  • Cambric
  • Linan
  • Satin
  • canvas
  • denim etc

We have complete printing setup inculuding some of the basic processes.

  • Design Creation
  • Washing & Bleeching
  • Pre-Treatment of Fabric
  • Digital Printing
  • Post-Treatment of Fabric
  • Curing Process
  • Washing and Calander Finishing
  • Quality Control and Inspection

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